Most students struggle making the transition to life in college...

Best First Year saves you time, money, and emotional energy. Learn how to be successful in college and beyond. This self-paced program for students and parents is here when you need it!

Course curriculum

Includes LIVE Monthly Q&A Sessions With Harlan


    1. WATCH: Getting Comfortable

    2. DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE: Getting Comfortable

    3. WATCH: The Big Transition

    4. DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE: The Big Transition Worksheet

    5. WATCH: The Three Ps

    6. DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE: The Three Ps Worksheet

    7. WATCH: Risk-Taking 101

    8. DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE: Risk-Taking 101

    9. WATCH: Your College Plan

    10. DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE: Your College Plan

    1. WATCH: Making Friends

    2. DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE: Making Friends Worksheet

    3. WATCH: Getting Involved

    4. DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE: Getting Involved Worksheet

    5. WATCH: Go Go Go To Events

    6. DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE: Go Go Go To Events

    7. WATCH: The Fifth Wall

    8. DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE: The Fifth Wall Worksheet

    9. WATCH: Homesickness

    10. DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE: Homesickness

    11. WATCH: The Shy Student

    12. DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE: The Shy Student Worksheet

    13. WATCH: About Your Parents

    14. DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE: About Your Parents Worksheet

    15. WATCH: Commuting Commuters

    16. DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE: Commuting Commuters Worksheet

    1. WATCH: Residence Halls

    2. DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE: Residence Halls Worksheet

    3. WATCH: Roommates: The Rules

    4. DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE: Roommates: The Rules Worksheet

    5. WATCH: Roommates From Hell

    6. DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE: Roommates From Hell Worksheet

    7. WATCH: Living with a Good Friend

    8. DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE: Living with a Good Friend Worksheet

    9. WATCH: The Partying Roommate

    10. DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE: The Partying Roommate Worksheet

    11. WATCH: I'm Living with a Gay Roommate

    12. DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE: Living with a Gay Roommate Worksheet

    13. WATCH: The Klepto Roommate

    14. DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE: The Klepto Roommate Worksheet

    15. WATCH: The Stinky Roommate

    16. DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE: The Stinky Roommate Worksheet

    17. WATCH: The Depressed Roommate

    18. DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE: The Depressed Roommate Worksheet

    19. WATCH: The Moving Out Roommate

    20. DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE: The Moving Out Roommate Worksheet

    1. WATCH: How to Get an A

    2. DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE: How to Get an A Worksheet

    3. WATCH: How to NOT Get an A

    4. DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE: How to NOT Get an A Worksheet

    5. WATCH: How to Fail

    6. DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE: How to Fail Worksheet

    7. WATCH: Instructor Instructions

    8. DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE: Instructor Instructions Worksheet

    9. WATCH: College Majors

    10. DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE: College Majors Worksheet

    11. WATCH : Advisors

    12. DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE: Advisors Worksheet

    13. WATCH: Time Management

    14. DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE: Time Management Worksheet

    1. WATCH: Greek Life: The Basics

    2. DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE: Greek Life: The Basics Worksheet

    3. WATCH: Greek Life: The Good

    4. DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE: Greek Life: The Good Worksheet

    5. WATCH: Greek Life: The Not So Good

    6. DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE: Greek Life: The Not So Good Worksheet

    7. WATCH: Greek Life: The Ugly

    8. DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE: Greek Life: The Ugly Worksheet

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Get access to New York Times bestselling author Harlan Cohen during LIVE Zoom sessions throughout the year. Bring your questions. Students and parents are welcome to participate.

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Harlan Cohen is the bestselling author of 7 books including The Naked Roommate: And 107 Other Issues You Might Run Into in College. His titles have over 1 million copies in print. He is also a speaker who has presented at over 400 high schools and college campuses.

"High school gets you into college, but most students aren't prepared  for what happens next.  That's where I come in. Whether you're still in high school, getting ready for college, or already in college, Best First Year will help you prepare, plan, and navigate all the changes ahead. It's everything I wish I knew before I went to college.  - Harlan Cohen

Harlan has been featured in:

The Washington Post

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